Copywriting and Content Shop - what do I write?

If it’s the written word you need, then I’m the copywriting ninja for the job. If you don’t see what you need writing here, then drop me a line at for a bespoke proposal and discussion of your needs.

  • Website content writing - Engaging SEO website content writing that reflects your brand and sells it. From one page to 100 we do it.

  • Blog posts - Blog posts inform, educate, and pique the interest of your audience whilst boosting SEO and adding fresh content.

  • Social media posts - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn eat your heart out – whatever you need from social media post writing I’m on point.

  • eBooks - eBook writing with expanded informative writing to give out and educate. Add value to your website.

  • Guides - Guides offer deep level content, well-researched and delivered with bite.

  • Press releases - Catch attention and get noticed with powerful press release writing.

  • Product descriptions - My powerful and enticing product descriptions nail it, with a dash of SEO too.

  • Business emails - Engage your audience with carefully crafted business email writing. Instil the personal touch.

  • Magazine articles - Step back from SEO and go old school with magazine articles which use the power of the written word to engage readers.

  • Training manuals - Communicate clearly and precisely with training manuals which make sense of the tough stuff.

  • Reviews - Build your customer base and reputation by nurturing trust with review writing.

  • CV’s, cover letters, personal bios - My CV service sells the most important thing: you. You’ve got the skills and attributes, let us work our magic writing it down. My background in recruitment is invaluable.

  • Speech writing - Make them sit up and listen with speech writing.

  • Case studies - Use case study writing to take the info that you know speaks loudly and crank up the volume.

  • Long-form content - Long form content writing takes a deep dive in to giving your customers the real deal and increases user engagement.

  • Newsletters - Tell them all about it without switching them off with captivating newsletter writing. Make it worth the subscribe hit.

  • Video scripts - Cut to the chase with video scripts that work when spoken, to time.

Don’t see it here? I’d be here all day listing everything we do. Let’s face it, you’d be bored. As long as it’s not explicit content, or gambling related, we’re here to help. Send me an email for a bespoke quote and get going.

Typically I don’t include images, graphs or tables as part of my basic fee structure (and content shop prices). They’re the fiddly bits which rack up the time. Therefore, if you’re looking for these please get in touch for a bespoke proposal.

Similarly, whilst I weave the magic of SEO through our writing with crafty use of headings, subtitles, backlinks and more, if you need additional SEO factors such as alt tags and meta descriptions then please get in touch for a personalised copywriting proposal.