Content Marketing Prices - Done Your Way

How I work.

I work in two ways, both designed to ensure you get the service you really need, flexibly, Your Way. I work to bespoke proposals and I also offer a one-stop content marketing shop whereby you can choose copywriting jobs ‘off-the-shelf’ (e.g. a blog post)

Direct copywriting

Whether you know what you need, or you’re not really sure, I can help with advice and action. Contact me at . Prices are calculated depending on the nature of the work comprising a price per word element, the research required, and additional extras you need (e.g. images, meta tags etc.).

The one-stop content marketing shop.

My content marketing shops allows you to buy copywriting projects on a price-per-word basis.

1.      Add a product to your basket and checkout just like any other online store.

2.      You’ll be prompted to complete a brief submission form. Alternatively you can email your brief to me.

3.      I deliver the work within the timeframe chosen.

4.      Your content cuts through the competition like a ninja-wielded blade.

In the content shop you can choose between 3 writing prices based on turnaround time and word count. These are:

1.      We-are-content rate: 5 working day turnaround time. Prices calculated at 0.045p per word.

2.      In-a-jam rate: 2 working day turnaround time. Prices calculated at 0.06p per word.

3.      Argh-I’m-stuck rate: 1 working day turnaround time. Prices calculated at 0.085p per word.

Please bear in mind that using the content shop option I cannot guarantee that I will be your writer. Wherever possible I undertake all orders myself, but should I unavailable due to other copywriting commitments your copywriting is entrusted to one of my other trusted UK copywriting pros. If you would like to check my availability before submitting an order please drop me a line at

Research. Write. Optimise.

The Bottom Line

Both my direct copywriting services and my content shop focus on adding value to your brand through engaging and SEO-focused content.

Please note that all prices are for writing only unless stated otherwise. Images, graphs, tables, meta tags, alt tags and other ‘bits’ aren’t included. If you’d like a bespoke price to include these, then please ask me for a bespoke proposal at