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Copywriting Services

As well as my Copy Shop, I offer a standard copywriting service whereby you can discuss exactly what you need and receive a bespoke proposal. My aim is to do content marketing Your Way, so however works best for you, I aim to do it.


A UK copywriter doing content marketing Your Way

I am Chrissie Brown, A.K.A. The Content Ninja. I can be engaged for copywriting services on a bespoke basis. You can liaise and discuss what you need with me. You will then receive an individualised proposal knowing that I will be your copywriter.

I cannot always guarantee availability. I can guarantee exceptional communication and an honest discussion of your copywriting needs. If I am unavailable, I can point you in the direction of another awesome content writer who is.

 Content marketing needs don’t always fit in to a neat product description which you can buy as an off the shelf copywriting service. I am a UK copywriter based in Kent, working remotely, who can write copy from article writing through to ghost-writing books. I can write on a range of subjects to rival the colour spectrum and I’m an avid researcher.

Drop me a line; let’s see what magic I can work with your copy.