Content marketing and SEO copywriting, done differently.

I love writing: It’s me. It’s what I do, have done, and will do. I believe in the power of outstanding content because I’ve seen it work.

With a vast amount of experience over many years as a copywriter, I’ve gained a reputation for exceptional SEO content writing and all other forms of the written word in action. I am, without a doubt, a word nerd who lives, eats and breathes all things written. My laptop is my pillow and my fingers aren’t content unless they are taping away on a keyboard.

I am a copywriting generalist. I write on pretty much most business niches going. I’ve proven experience writing for a plethora of businesses from law firms and accountants through to retailers and healthcare providers. Much of my work in any week is for repeat clients and I am proud to be able to consistently meet their objectives.

Can one person be skilled in all areas of writing? Yes – and take a sneak peek at my showcase for the evidence! I succeed because there are three stages to my writing: research-write-optimise. Getting inside your business and its brand persona to understand your audience sparks my ability to be a research ninja just as much as a writing one.

I am a UK based copywriter, in Kent. However, I work solely remotely enabling me to keep prices down for exceptionally high quality. My aim is to deliver the wow factor in every piece of copywriting I produce. My favourite writing genres include lifestyle, families and children, healthcare and wellbeing, education, start-ups, recruitment, law and travel. However, it’s the variety of copywriting which I really love, and no sector or niche phases me.

Prior to becoming a freelance copywriter I worked in HR with a focus on recruitment and employment law. I have been (and am!) an entrepreneur, running my own successful retail business until I stopped to have 3 wonderful, but entirely rambunctious, children.

I offer copywriting services away from traditional freelance platforms. In this way you aren’t stung for hefty fees which don’t add value or do your relationships any good. Clear price, no percentage price slices.

I’d love to hear from you to see how I can add zing to your content marketing.