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I am The Content Ninja, adding zing to your content marketing, sprinkling along some added-value as I go. I’m all about the writing: exceptional, engaging, enticing writing.

If you’re looking to elevate your content and boost your brand, then my copywriting services are what you need. I love writing, so I do it with passion. Passion sells. Well, passion and a dollop of careful research and SEO.

Discover the power of awesome content.

Order what you need directly through my content shop, or contact me directly at info@thecontentninja.co.uk for a discussion of needs and a bespoke proposal.

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Copywriting Services - What’s in a word?

Those humble words have the power to transform. They can shift a mood from melancholy to inspired. They can engage a customer ready to leap in to action, hopefully brandishing their payment card in hand. They can sell. They say to the competition “hey, shift over, we’re taking centre stage here.”

I know all about the synergy of words. How the humble becomes glorious. I know how to please the search engines and your customers.

What do I do?

If it’s written, I do it, offering the full range of copywriting services. I write all sorts from web content to blog posts, press releases to email campaigns and a good bit more besides. But don’t let me stop you there. Check out my services.

I offer a full range of copywriting services, with experience across a huge number of industries. Whether you’re a pioneering sole-trader or a multi-national, I’ve got the right experience to write for you.

Why SEO copywriting?

S-E-O a.k.a. Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting those crafty little algorithms in search engines to sit up and pay attention to you. It’s how you clamber your way up the rankings and harness the power of the organic.

So content needs to be awesome on two levels: the SEO tick-list and well, just mighty good stuff to read.

What typically happens is copywriters are good at one or the other…and that just-doesn’t-work. You need the SEO like the fishing rod to hook the search engine, and you need the word nerd stuff to get the customer engaged, turning interest in to action. Get those two together and you’ve got something as powerful as rocket fuel.

Exceptional Value - Exceptional Quality

I do things differently. I’m not your in-house team needing those pesky add-ons like expensive benefit packages and pensions. I work 100% remotely. This means you’re only paying for the content you need. No overheads and no suck-you-in-and-suck-you-dry contracts (although I will work on a retainer basis where needed). Furthermore, there are no pesky platform or agency fees.

I am a UK-based, exceptional quality freelance writer who knows a thing or two about SEO.